Language Allowance Survey 2015

Bucharest, July 2015

Results of the Language Allowance Survey 2015
Romania is a preferred location for Business Process Outsourcing companies and Shared Service Centers. Our country provides the European labor market with competitive workforce, due to employees' cultural compatibility and multi-language skills. Romanian BPO and SSC employees cover languages such as: English, French, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Czech, Slovakian, Bulgarian, Russian and others. The BPO and SSC companies active in Romania offer a wide variety of services, including IT, finance, accounting, HR. If initially focused on one or two types of services, companies have diversified their portfolio throughout the years.
Reduced costs and the skills of foreign language speakers have made Romania one of the preferred destinations in this industry. If, at first, the essence of BPO companies was outsourcing services, improving processes and reducing costs, now companies are more focused on the quality of the offered services, based on innovation, differentiation and technological processes.
This year Consulteam conducted the third edition of the Language Allowance Survey. The survey covers information from 20 multinational companies, regarding the language bonuses granted to foreign language speakers in BPO/SSC companies. Employees are compensated differently for each foreign language they use, according to language complexity and the availability of speakers on the local market. The survey covers 23 foreign languages. Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish continue to be amongst the best-paid languages in the last 3 years. However, Slavic languages, Croatian, Serbian and Slovak are immediately below, in terms of allowance value.
"The gross monthly average allowances for exotic languages starts at 800 Ron and can be as high as 1.100 Ron" states Roxana (Feregan) Marin, Consulting Manager at Consulteam.
90% of employees in this industry are university graduates and 10% are students. Interviews for positions in BPO and SSC companies typically include language assessments (reading, writing, and speaking).

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