Consulteam launches Fitted Performance Framework®, the new organisational design platform

Consulteam launches a new organizational design platform -
Fitted Performance Framework®

Bucharest, September 23 – Consulteam, one of the most renowned HR companies in Romania, has launched a new concept and services’ range, a product directly related to the 15 years of experience on the Romanian and South East markets.

The methodology used for the new Fitted Performance Framework® organisational design platform (which includes job evaluation and grading, position analysis, competencies mapping and alignment, career plans, etc.) and the salary surveys, reject the general approach and are distinctively and exclusively designed for the local and regional markets, taking into account the specific differences and needs of the emerging markets. 

„We are extremely happy and proud of this accomplishment. We believe that this is an absolutely unique and innovative service in both Romania and the South East countries, and it represents the embodiment of our long-time efforts. We trust our clients shall immediately identify the advantages of a customised service for the specific market they operate in.” states Oana Datki, SEE Managing Partner Consulteam.

The new organizational design platform is launched as a direct and likely consequence of the local clients’ needs and takes place in the context of the company’s repositioning on the local market, following the termination of the long-time partnership with Mercer.

“By the end of 2015, we shall terminate our exclusive collaboration with Mercer, a brand that we have brought to the Romanian market 10 years ago, a collaboration that honours us and that we appreciate both professionally and personally. Launching this new platform comes at the right time – this is a service that has emerged almost by itself, following our work with local and regional clients. We are now in the position to making go live”, points out Oana Datki, SEE Managing Partner Consulteam.

Customised studies for the Romanian market

Based on a vast experience on the local market and in numerous industries, by the end of 2015, Consulteam shall publicly launch:

• IT&C Salary Survey, dedicated to the high tech industry
• Language Survey, dedicated to the bonuses for foreign language speakers employed with BPO and SSC companies
• Retail Survey, dedicated exclusively to the DIY, Hypermarket / Supermarket / Cash & Carry / Discount Supermarket, Fashion, Electronics types of retailers

About Consulteam
The Consulteam Group has been founded in 2000 and it quickly became on the fastest growing HR consultancy companies in South East Europe. Consulteam provides cutting-edge recruitment and selection services, consultancy for compensation and benefits policies, performance management, personnel evaluation and administration and training and development programs.