Consulteam is honoured with 2 international awards

Bucharest, January 26th 2016

Consulteam, exclusive TACK International partner for Romania and the Republic of Moldova, has joined the yearly TACK International World Congress in Dubai.
The Congress is the largest annual event organized by TACK International, one of the leading training and consultancy companies worldwide, with headquarters in UK and offices in more than 50 countries. Each year, during an entire week, the Congress brings together TACK’s partners from the around the world. This January, more than 160 participants from 40 countries gathered in Dubai.
Romania was represented by Consulteam, TACK exclusive partner in the region since 2011. “It was truly a memorable experience, wonderful, packed with energy and surprises. A relaxed atmosphere, yet filled with fabulous moments, inspirational workshops lead by international Master Facilitators who introduced case studies, consultancy and training programs developed for local and international clients as well as innovative training tools and methods, and, especially results – the impact that these programs have day in, day out in our clients’ businesses and for each participant. I am so proud of our presence there – this is the 4th consecutive year when Consulteam Romania is selected among the speakers to introduce an exceptional business case for the “Initiative of The Year”. Last year we won the prize for this category, bringing home a trophy that embodied team work and the remarkable results we had for our long-term Client.  This year, we brought home 2 trophies - “Business Consultant of The Year” and “Business Support Team of The Year”. I have strong team and I am confident that we shall continue developing and implementing remarkable projects in 2016” - Oana Botolan Datki, SEE Managing Partner Consulteam.
Smaranda Schnel, Head of Business Consultancy, won the “Business Consultant of The Year” award – an n award with 25 nominees. This is awarded by a senior TACK jury and honors remarkable and quantifiable business results and the consultant’s essential contribution in building and sustaining the TACK International brand. Smaranda Schnel joined Consulteam in 2014 and holds an impressive 17 years previous career in management, HR and training & development.
The “Business Support Team 2016” award has been won collectively by the Consulteam/ TACK International Romania team, selected among 15 nominees. The award honors a local team with remarkable results and outstanding contribution to building the TACK International brand.


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